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The Wolf's Nightmare

Chaos Brigade

This track is part two of a series of songs under the same theme; high functioning depression, loneliness, anxiety, mental illness, and pushing, pulling yourself forward. Part one of these tracks is the song "The Wolf's Confession."

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Violating The Norms Of Reality LP, Will Be Release January 2022!

Violating The Norms Of Reality

Chaos Brigade

This is the first half of the LP, the full album will probably have at least 20 songs. My hope is that I will finish the rest of the songs by the end of 2021. The second half of this LP will have a sense of a darker tone. Instead of the "sing-along" style, (as I call them LOL) that these songs here have.

This will be my most ambitious project to date. I've put everything I've learned from the past 20 years when it came to, writing, composing, producing, playing/programming drums, playing bass, playing guitar, playing keyboard/synths, singing, screaming, growling, recording, mixing, mastering, doing some album art, and all the other tricks and treats that I could fathom.

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The Monster EP! Released 8/05/2020