This album is dedicated to three people that are no longer of this world. These people had some sort of fundamental influence in my life and for that I thank them. May they rest in peace.

Seferina "Mercedes" Fernandez Santos (Grandmother/"Mother"),

Jeury Santos Fernandez (Uncle/"Father"),

Emmanuel “Manny” Carmona (Friend). 


    About The Monster EP

    After almost 20 years of being in bands and performing live with many musicians, I made the decision it was time to create an entire EP by myself. Many ups and downs did take a told on your psychic, but I was determined to carry out this endeavor no matter the time it would take or the cost to create. I started the production on this EP in 2017, it took about a year of writing material and creating the theme while at the same time I set up my home recording studio. I chose the umbrella name of “Chaos Brigade” to add another layer of pizzazz to the overall theme of the album. On the surface, this album has a lot of influence from anime(s) such as “Monster”, “Berserk” and “Honey and Clover” and many more hence some of the song titles, visuals and some of the lyrics as well. During the production of this album, three people very dear to me passed away and that also had a strong influence on the lyrics and the overall design and theme. For these reasons I dedicate this album to them and celebrate their lives.

    Acknowledgements & Thanks. 

    I would like to thank all of those that made this project possible, a special thanks to my life partner Sara for having the patients to deal with my racket. Especial thanks to Rene Rosa (ErosArt), for providing the artwork for this project as well as other integral influences and inspirations. Thank you to my friend Rodolfo “Rudy” Mendoza for facilitating the construction of my home studio. 

    Songwriting, Engineering, etc. 

    All of the songs were written, composed, arranged, recorded, mixed, engineered, produced and mastered in their entirely by Julio “J-Fury” Perez Santos/Chaos Brigade in his home studio in Paterson, New Jersey. This album was recorded, mixed and engineered within Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 8 & 9®, Toontrack Superior Drummer 3®, Toontrack EZ Mix® and Audacity® software(s). 


    Instruments used in this album; Vocal(s), Electric Guitar(s), Electric Bass(s) Keyboard/Synths. All instruments played/performed by Julio “J-Fury” Perez Santos/Chaos Brigade. Drum(s); all drum parts were programmed by Julio “J-Fury” Perez Santos/Chaos Brigade using the software  Toontrack Superior Drummer 3®. Sample(s); if any samples used in this album, they were used via the software Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studios 8 & 9®. Electric Guitars used; ESP LTDs, and Jackson. Electric Basses used; ESP LTDs. Keyboard/Synths used; Arturia MiniLab MKII Mini Hydrid.

    Publishing Company & Performance Rights Organisation (PRO).

    (CD Baby & BMI {Broadcast Music, Inc.})

    Legal & Copyrights. 

    ®, © & Ⓟ Julio “J-Fury” Perez Santos/Chaos Brigade, 2020. All rights of the produced and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved. All other properties, copyrights belong to their respective owners and other intellectual property rights. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording prohibited.

    The Wolf's Confession Lyric Video